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Rytmisen kuoromusiikin liitto ry
(Association of the Rhythmic Choir Music, registered association)

Rytmisen kuoromusiikin liitto is an active organization, established in 1994, whose members are rhythmic music choirs and singing groups.
During the twenty-years anniversary of its foundation, at the beginning of 2014, Rytmisen kuoromusiikin liitto joined the Finnish Amateur Musicians’ Association (Suomen Laulajain ja Soittajain Liitto) becoming the youngest of its six independent special federations.
We mainly value the joy of making music, therefore we welcome as members all groups practicing choir singing, regardless their skills and backgrounds.


Some of the most visible forms of activity of Rytmisen kuoromusiikin liitto are different kinds of training events both for singers and conductors. Choirs can also order education materials tailored to the needs of their own from Rytmisen kuoromusiikin liitto.


As its most visible type of activity, Rytmisen kuoromusiikin liitto organizes different kind of training events for both singers and conductors. From Rytmisen kuoromusiikin liitto, choirs can also order education materials tailored to their own needs.
The national choir days, called Kuorotellen (that literally means “singing in a choir”), are organized on a regular basis. During these days, participants can enjoy entertainment choir music at its best, network and foster new contacts all over Finland, educate themselves and participate to fine prizes give-aways. As a member of Sulasol, Rytmisen kuoromusiikin liitto also attends the national singing and music festival, which is organized every five years following an old tradition.


Organizing various choir surveys and competitions is a central activity of Rytmisen kuoromusiikin liitto. In these events, the jury comprises prominent experts, who give important feedback on the skills, strengths and challenges of the choirs.


The member choirs of Rytmisen kuoromusiikin liitto give concerts actively and, especially in occasion of anniversaries, they give greater concerts with other member choirs. As its newest type of activity, Rytmisen kuoromusiikin liitto organizes charity concerts to raise funds for supporting the musical hobbies of disadvantaged children through scholarships.


Rytmisen kuoromusiikin liitto ry awards people and choirs that have been active in entertainment choir music for a long time, have been devoted to it and developed it.

In the limelight:

Rytmisen kuoromusiikin liitto is represented in the artistic committee of Sulasol, thus it can influence the choral music that Finnish leading publishers are publishing and importing. We have also reached increasing visibility in the European choral life. At national level, the event guide of the federation website offers free advertisement and visibility to the concerts of its member. Furthermore, Rytmisen kuoromusiikin liitto keeps a catalogue of recordings published by its members, for instance, to hold them at disposal of radio stations.

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